Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfect squares

Does anyone out here have ideas about how to set up a nice visual activity to teach middle school kids square numbers (perfect squares)?

Also, any challenging problems are welcome, e-mail me your instructions! I am very fond of logical thinking that doesn't involve much calculations. The kids are always delighted to find the answer by looking at the problem from a different angle, drawing a picture or just arranging the data in a way that makes the questions simple.


In unrelated news, several students told me that I had lost weight. I wonder how it's even possible, given the quantities I've been eating over the past two weeks. Well, miracles are at your doorstep, as it were.


Dan Greene said...

This doesn't really teach square numbers, but it's a cool puzzle to practice. You basically have a rectangle composed of perfect squares. Students have to figure out the side length of each square.

Mesmerized said...

Thanks. I haven't updated this blog for ages. Let me get back on it :)